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Waste Processing to Regrind or Agglomerate

Transforming Waste into Valuable Resources!

Our Waste Processing division is committed to turning plastic waste into regrind or agglomerate materials. We utilize advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to process and refine plastic waste, ensuring the highest quality output. Whether it's regrind or agglomerate, our goal is to provide you with materials that meet your specific needs.

Waste processing to regrind or agglomerate involves transforming waste materials, often in the form of scrap or recycled plastics, into regrind (smaller particles) or agglomerates (larger, denser particles) that can be used as raw materials for manufacturing new products. This process helps in reusing waste and reducing the strain on natural resources. Here's an overview of how this process typically works:

Waste Collection and Sorting:
Collect waste materials, particularly plastics, from various sources such as industrial waste, post-consumer waste, or manufacturing scraps. Sort the waste based on material types (e.g., different types of plastics) and cleanliness.

Cleaning and Shredding:
Clean the collected waste to remove impurities, dirt, and contaminants. After cleaning, the waste is shredded into smaller pieces or granules, increasing its surface area and making it easier to process.

The shredded plastic waste is further processed by grinding it into even smaller particles, known as regrind. This regrind can be of various sizes depending on the intended application. The regrind can then be mixed with virgin material or used in the manufacturing of new products.

Some waste processing facilities opt for agglomeration, where the shredded or ground plastic is further processed to create larger, denser particles known as agglomerates. This process involves heating the plastic particles until they fuse or agglomerate together, forming larger, more manageable pellets or chunks.

Mixing and Compounding:
The regrind or agglomerates can be mixed with virgin materials or additives to enhance specific properties of the resulting product. This mixture is often referred to as a compound and is prepared to meet specific requirements for the desired end product.