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Plastic Recycling


Our core expertise lies in recycling LDPE and PP waste into high-quality granules. We're dedicated to turning waste into valuable resources.

Plastic recycling is the process of converting waste plastic materials into reusable raw materials through various methods and technologies. This approach helps reduce the consumption of new plastics, conserve resources, and mitigate environmental impacts associated with plastic waste. Here are the key steps involved in plastic recycling:

Collection and Sorting:
Plastic waste is collected from various sources, including households, businesses, industries, and recycling centers. The collected plastic is sorted based on its type, color, and composition. Sorting is crucial as different types of plastic require different recycling processes.

Cleaning and Shredding:
Once sorted, the plastic is cleaned to remove any contaminants like dirt, labels, or other non-plastic materials. The cleaned plastic is then shredded into small pieces or flakes to prepare it for further processing.

Melting and Extrusion:
The shredded plastic is melted at high temperatures to form molten plastic. This molten plastic can be further processed through extrusion, where it is forced through a die to create plastic pellets, which are the raw material used in manufacturing new plastic products.

Reprocessing and Pelletizing:
The molten plastic can be reprocessed to remove impurities and enhance its quality. It is then pelletized to form small, uniform pellets of recycled plastic. These pellets are now ready to be used in the manufacturing of various plastic products.

Manufacturing New Products:
The recycled plastic pellets are used as raw material to produce a wide range of plastic products, such as bottles, containers, packaging materials, fibers, and more. These products can be used in a variety of industries.